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The main information of this website can be found on the pages "Introduction" to "Visions for the future". On this homepage I collect news messages from both the mainstream and alternative media that are significant for the development of this planet, try to explain their meaning in a larger context and show the hand of the dark forces and/or Light forces at work. I also share messages that come from within and that feel relevant to the phase of developments that we are in. For the meaning of certain specific terms such as Cabal, Archons, Khazarians and White Hats please read the indexed pages. A lot of the conclusions that I draw in the below news messages are based on alternative sources of information, among which Cobra's blog, Benjamin Fulford's newsletters and testimonies of insiders and whistleblowers. I invite you to investigate the ramifications of my explanations for yourself by accessing the links on the "Links" page as well as the links that I provide in the texts of the pages on this site.

2021-04-10: Sexuality in relation to spirituality.

2021-04-04: Accessing the strawman account.

I want to elaborate a bit on yesterday's post. Regarding the cloaking technology the Chimera have been using, the light forces have learnt to read its signature, as it creates a slight energetic ripple effect which you could compare a bit with the sight of the alien creature in the movie Predator. The light forces have mapped everything out, so they know the whereabouts of the remaining Chimera and their assets. It just takes time to clear it all. The quantum entanglement is a bigger challenge, it cannot simply be undone, so that may still take some time to tackle. Regarding the Chimera space fleet, what I am getting is that they tried to recreate a space fleet with what they had left on the surface and there was also a small number of Chimera ships cloaked outside Near Earth Orbit that had not been detected earlier. But that in itself is not a big obstacle to overcome.

The real question is how do we make it from here until the Event when so many of us are drained and flat out of money, especially the ones who chose to step out of the rat race and get little to no support from the system anymore. One option I have looked into is to get access to your so called strawman account. It is a hidden account in the shadow banking system that no government official will ever tell you about or will confirm exists, but it does exist and there are possibilities to gain (for now indirect) access to it. It does require certain legal steps that you need to take, namely to declare yourself alive as a human being of flesh and blood to the agents of the maritime law commercial company known and registered as the state who legally treat you as in sea dead / lost at sea until you stop them from doing so, to beneficially accept your birth trust inheritance and to ask for a periodical provision between now and the final settlement of the birth trust inheritance as well as discharging your existing debts against the holdings of the birth trust. I intend to dive into the subject more deeply, but you can read up about it on dedicated websites and resources, such as these:

Spiritual Economics Now
Article Atlas
Why killing your strawman does more harm than good
Are there any alternatives to the Secure Party Creditor package?
The Cestui Que Vie Act

2021-04-03: Is it a bottomless pit or the last mile?

Cobra posted the fullest update so far this year, and I have very mixed feelings about it. Actually I have very mixed feelings about various things that are going on. As far as the update is concerned, it is revisiting things described before and the information seems to be partly contradicting earlier posts. For instance, on December 8 Cobra wrote "In the first days of December, the Light Forces have managed to clear all Chimera fleet from Near Earth Orbit" and now he writes "The Light forces have managed to clear practically all Chimera space fleet". Now he writes "On the etheric and astral planes close to the planetary surface, the Light forces are also clearing negative entities that are still oppressing humanity. There are still trillions upon trillions of those entities present" when earlier he mentioned that the plasma plane is mostly cleared. Are we running around in circles? Why did the light forces not come to clear these entities before, especially if they were making great progress with that about a year ago? It doesn't really make sense to me. Also my interpretation of the meaning of the Wipeout sequence 3 coded message turns out to be incorrect; I guess it was foolish to guess meanings of coded messages. But also the light forces themselves seem to be repeatedly caught by surprise or being misled by the Chimera, as they have underestimated the situation numerous times. It can feel like all efforts go into a bottomless pit, as the situation at least from a physical world perspective is basically unchanged or even worse than it was before, arguably the worst since World War II.

What I am getting is that the Chimera have used advanced cloaking technology to hide their positions and activities as well as quantum entanglement, beside holding humans and discarnate souls hostage and leveraging the threat of toplet bombs. The quantum entanglement means they energetically knit together their assets, including their own bodies, to make an almost inextricable knot and thus making it much harder for the light forces to clear the lot. So these Chimera strategies have led to more delays in planetary liberation.
I am also realizing that to have the Event manifest more of the awake and aware surface people (in other words the starseed lightworkers) need to create their own liberation from their limiting beliefs, programs and traumas, especially the ones who have been most severely traumatized. As Cobra and others mentioned, the Matrix is built upon trauma and suppressed consciousness, that's what is holding it together. Although the trauma inflicted by the Chimera is too deep to heal ourselves, we can do quite a bit to heal childhood traumas that have determined our outlike on life and the manner in which we perceive the world and human beings. There are self hypnosis techniques to do inner child healing and to give love to the inner child. It is a thing I haven't made sufficient use of myself, so I intend to do that more in the coming period and focus more on my own development in general.

2021-03-29: Spirituality in the context of the primary anomaly.

2021-03-23: Some tidbits to share.

I want to briefly share a few tidbits of insights I am having. First of all, I realize now that Cobra's coded messages with Wipeout sequence 4 relate to all the crucial technologies that the Chimera left behind, which includes toplet bombs, tunnels of Set, etheric implants, the All Seeing Eye monitoring system and the veil technologies of the multidimensional control matrix. Wipeout sequence 3 related to the Chimera, not to their technologies.
Today I am having bad physical symptoms, so that is a clear sign the tunnels of Set are still intact. If you have intense painful stings on the same spot of your body repeatedly or with intervals without apparent cause, then that is most likely due to a tunnel of Set attached to your body. The tunnel of Set is bringing in spider poison, anomalous plasma and dark energies that were still caught in underground sites that were controlled by the Chimera and the light forces cannot clear the tunnels of Set until most of the anomalous plasma underground is cleared, because the anomalous plasma "regenerates" the tunnels of Set. So obviously as long as people such as myself have these symptoms the clearing of the murky mess of the Chimera is still ongoing. Command 12/21 from the Pleiadians is helping to soften the symptoms to a degree.
There are also growing signs the general population is beginning to wake up to the nature of our reality, and that is because the primary implants are weakening. But at the same time they still cling to the old system for their sustenance and reference, as can be seen in the recent Dutch elections where people gave renewed legitimacy to the old system and a majority to the same parties that imposed restrictions, a lockdown and a curfew in the past year, severely disrupted travel and the economy, organized mass vaccination (read: experimental gene therapy) and pushed up the national debt by 60 billion euro and counting in what is essentially the largest mass bribery in Dutch history.

2021-03-20: Slave versus Master test.

I have not joined today's 144K meditation and neither have I joined a demonstration against the cojona BS. When I asked the light forces what they advise for the 144K meditation they said it's not very effective doing such a meditation if the critical mass of 144,000 participants is not reached and if it is not followed by concrete action. We have had a large string of meditations in the past years of which only a few made the mark in terms of numbers; in order for the mass meditations to really manifest planetary liberation we should have reached critical mass every month and it should have been followed up on with actions in the physical world and that hasn't happened because people including starseeds are too heavily programmed. And now after all the years of anticipation and struggle the majority of lightworkers are tired, destitute and disheartened with the results, because we have nothing much to show for our efforts. So the light forces encourage us to focus on improving our own circumstances and creating breakthroughs on an individual level, because that also helps them make progress in their efforts.
I have had the idea of creating a test that measures where you currently are on the slave versus master polarity scale, and I created a separate page for it. Check it out and do the test, it may give you more clarity of where you stand in life and what subjects need additional attention in order to master them. And share the link with others that may be interested, even your unawake family members and friends.

2021-03-18: Meditate to liberate.

I know it seems like a never-ending story, but next 144K mass meditation is on March 20:

144K - 2021 March 20 Equinox Mass Meditation

And March 20 is also the day of worldwide protests against the abuse of the coronavirus to strip away our constitutional freedoms:

Worldwide Demonstration March 2021

2021-03-17: For my soulmate in Tibet.

I am writing this post with a heavy heart, because there is a lot of pain with my soulmate in Tibet; I was crying before starting to write this. Her name is Tenzin Gyosha, she is 62 years old, she is a Tibetan native and she lives in Namling, north of Shigatse and some 230 km. west of Lhasa. She was married and her husband had a regular job in a local company before he died, bringing in money for the household. They had three children together, one son and two daughters; the son is a monk who divides his time between the monastery and being with his mother, the oldest daughter has died and the younger daughter lives in the same house as Tenzin with her husband and child. Tenzin has a small widow's allowance from the state and apart from that she has a market stall on the town's weekly market where she sells household items. This way and with support from her children she gets by, but it's not the way it was before losing her husband and first daughter. Several years ago her daughter was shot dead in an action by the people's army against a protest in Shigatse and her husband was fatally wounded in the same incident and died shortly afterwards. Tenzin still feels bitter about it, because she has never been able to express her feelings about what happened in a way that really offers relief. Tenzin likes the Tibetan culture and identity and Buddhism for her is not so much about dogmas and teachings but more about the spiritual qualities of it. She would like to see the old values of Tibet preserved, but over time she has seen Chinese influence in her country becoming more and more dominant and Tibetans slowly but surely being made into a minority on their own soil. That's why she has hard questions about the Divine and her relationship with her spirituality has suffered as a result: "What purpose does this serve?" and "Why has this been allowed to happen?" At the same time she does have a sense of hope that things will change for the better. Becoming more aware of her and what's going on inside her, she feels very close and I feel the need to see her, but that will only be possible after the Event. Until then I will be sending light to her the best I can.

2021-03-15: Urgent meditations to stop the war mongering.

Cabal see their end coming, so they do whatever they can to start a major international armed confrontation in the hopes of evading their arrest. The light forces cannot intervene directly on the surface yet, so it's up to us to pour and beam as much light as possible into the conflict zones, especially Syria:

Urgent meditation for peace in Middle East and Ukraine - Schedule on We Love Mass Meditation
Meditation for Peace in Middle East - Guided meditation on YouTube

2021-03-14: Pour ma compagne d'âme en France / For my soulmate in France.

J'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrez ma compagne d'âme qui vive en France trois fois jusqu'à présent. La première fois était en 2019 et j'ai immédiatement ressenti une attraction magnétique pour elle. Au temps je ne me realisait pas que c'est pour cause de notre lien d'âme. Je parle de Flavie; elle est une jeune femme de 22 ans et elle habite à Garidech près de Toulouse avec sa mère et soeur. Malheureusement elle n'a jamais connu son père, il est parti avant sa naissance. Flavie a eu une enfance assez difficile et émotionnellement elle s'en remet encore. Mais elle est très gentil avec grand finesse et un esprit éveillé. Sa mère et sa soeur sont des personnes très différentes et ça provoque parfois des tensions et incompréhension. Flavie veut devenir indépendante et obtenir son propre espace de vie. Elle a obtenu son permis de conduire et maintenant elle se concentre sur le développement de sa vie sociale et gagner de l'argent. Elle médite régulièrement et je sens qu'elle a un potentiel énorme qu'elle se connaît à peine elle-même, mais elle veut aussi jouir les choses mondaines et voyager. Les circonstances posent des restrictions et obstacles, mais Flavie fait de son mieux dans ces circonstances. Il n'y a rien dans ce monde que je regarde plus haut qu'elle et je l'ai dit ça. Elle a partiellement montré une réaction de fuir, parce que les compagnons d'âme suscitent des sentiments forts l'un chez l'autre, des sentiments de traumatisme ainsi que des sentiments de joie et amour. J'espère simplement de revoir Flavie cette année en état heureux pour nous deux.

2021-03-11: Liberation status update.

There are various topics I want to write about, first of all the identity of my other two soulmates who are incarnated on Earth (one in Europe and one in Asia), and I want to write an article about spirituality in relation to the primary anomaly and another one on sexuality in relation to spirituality and the primary anomaly. You can expect upcoming posts about these aforementioned subjects, but at this point I feel I need to give some clarity on the status of the planetary liberation process.
There are hundreds of websites, blogs and video channels out there in many languages that talk about various subjects directly related to planetary liberation from the dark forces, and some have a large following of hundreds of thousands of people, but most of them are still only scratching the surface really. True liberation is not just about the virus, vaccines, lifting lockdowns, travel bans and other restictions, economic freedom and financial abundance, the end of government corruption, corporate media lies and debt slavery, it's about much more than that. It's about consciousness, about realizing in the flesh your divine gifts, about manifesting your wildest dreams in harmony and unity with all of the Creation.
As for the operations of the light forces, they do need to deal with certain segments of the physical surface Cabal (specifically Order of the Black Sun, Black Nobility and Jesuit leaders), but that has progressed quite a lot already. The bigger concern of the light forces is the effects the activities of the Chimera have had on the general population; only now that the Chimera are gone do they have the full picture of how the Chimera have affected humanity. Think in terms of implants, programming and conditioning, trauma, tunnels of Set, soul contracts, occult power and suppression of life force and free will. The light forces have established that in order for the Event to be the predominantly positive and uplifting experience they want and need it to be for the bulk of humanity, the three primary implants in all people need to be dissolved (all other implants have been dissolved earlier). So they are working on that, and they are working on people's subconscious and energy bodies to soften conditions, heal traumas and undo programming. I have had a few very hard weeks (and the tunnels of Set had everything to do with it), but this week so far has been much calmer and with less physical discomfort, so this is a good sign the light forces are making substantial progress. All remaining obstacles towards the Event are now being addressed and will continue to be resolved until the Event is kicked off.

2021-03-08: Para minha companheira da alma no Brasil / For my soulmate in Brazil.

Uma de minhas companheiras da alma vive no Brasil e eu a encontrei uma vez, na conferência Portal de Cobra em setembro de 2013 em Paris, França. Naquela época, eu não sabia que ela era família da alma; ela era muito próxima de seu parceiro e eu tinha pouco ou nenhum contato com ela naquela ocasião. Eu também me senti bastante intimidado por sua beleza. O nome espiritual ela usou é Gaurangi, esse é seu nome sannyasin; na época era uma seguidora de Osho, mas ela descobriu que as perguntas de sua vida não foram todas respondidas. Seu nome mundano é Leonora, ela é casada com o mesmo parceiro com quem participou da conferência em 2013. Depois, eles fizeram outra viagem à Europa para visitar Portugal e Espanha. Tinham duas filhas juntas que agora estão crescendo.
Gaurangi mora com seu parceiro e suas filhas em uma pequena cidade (sinto-me atraído pelo nome Pirapitingui) 75 km. a noroeste de São Paulo, ela tem 38 anos de idade e trabalha em tempo parcial em uma loja com alimentos orgânicos e produtos ecológicos. Seu marido trabalha em tempo integral como vendedor de equipamentos e instalações elétricas; costumava trabalhar em escritório, mas nos últimos meses ele tem trabalhado principalmente de casa. Ele sofre muita pressão de dentro da empresa para vender mais e ter um melhor desempenho, e isso nem sempre ajuda seu temperamento. Gaurangi está parcialmente satisfeita com seu trabalho, mas seu marido não está muito feliz com seu trabalho. Desde que eles tiveram filhas, a paixão passou e a rotina das obrigações sociais se instalou. Em dias de folga eles gostam de ir para uma viagem ao parque ou ao campo para relaxar. Nos últimos anos eles tiveram algumas férias domésticas e visitou belos lugares e sítios culturais. A nível pessoal, as diferenças entre eles se tornaram mais evidentes e por causa disso, eles às vezes lutam; não são uma boa combinação e se fossem honestos um com o outro, eles gostariam de se separar, mas ficam juntos por razões práticas. Gaurangi ainda tem uma forte orientação espiritual e ela quer muito mais da vida do que cuidar de crianças e trabalhar; ela gostaria de mais tempo para aventuras, experiências excitantes, dançar e coisas criativas e fazer coisas com um significado mais profundo. Ela também gostaria de ver mais do mundo. Após o Evento, tais sentimentos virão mais à tona e serão inevitáveis de confrontar para qualquer um. Eu gostaria muito de entrar em contato com Gaurangi, portanto, se você a conhece ou sabe de quem estou falando, por favor, diga-lhe que escrevi sobre ela. Eu posso ser contatado em condor@xekleidoma.info.

2021-03-05: Para mi compañera de alma en Bolivia / For my soulmate in Bolivia.

Cuatro de mis compañeras de alma viven en la Tierra. Una de ellas vive en Bolivia y ella habla Quechua y Español, pero poco Inglés. Por eso escribo este mensaje en Español. Se llama Chuzuc, tiene 57 años y es chamán; es casi 100% indigena. Esta casada y vive con su marido en un pueblo (Altamira es el nombre que recibí) en el parte norte de Bolivia, unos 120 km. al norte de La Paz en una area montañosa. Chuzuc tiene 3 hijos, que ya son adultos; uno vive en La Paz, otro en un pueblo cerca con su esposa y otro con su esposa en el mismo pueblo donde Chuzuc vive. Vive una vida simple y modesta, tiene un pequeño jardín para crecer hierbas y verduras y tambien hay un jardín comunal más grande en el pueblo para crecer verduras y patatas.
Chuzuc esta bien respectada en la comunidad local y es una comunidad unida y tradicional. La llaman Clarice por la claridad que ella da a sus clientes. Gente viene a ella para recibir explicación sobre sueños, asuntos de salud, signos en el cielo y la naturaleza y consultas sobre los fallecidos. Su método es holístico en contrario de los doctores con formación formal. A veces ella da hierbas del jardín a sus clientes para tratar ciertas maladias. Su marido cuida las alpacas que tienen y sale todos los dias para dejarlos pastar. Chuzuc es bastante contenta con su vida y su función en la sociedad; estan relativamente autosuficiente y no necesitan mucho dinero para sobrevivir. Fabrica sus propias ropas tradicionales utilizando la lana que las alpacas producen, como todo gente en la comunidad lo haga. Ya estaba consciente de mi existencia desde más que 10 años y ahora finalmente yo me he dado cuenta de su existencia. Si alguien leyendo esto conoce Chuzuc o tiene idea donde vive ella, por favor informala o algun miembro de su comunidad de este mensaje.

2021-03-02: Best coded message ever.

There was never a better coded message to read than Cobra's Wipeout sequence 3 complete. As various people interpret it relates to the Chimera and I totally agree with them.
Wipeout sequence 1: clearing of the Draco fleet and their technologies.
Wipeout sequence 2: clearing of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex and their installations.
Wipeout sequence 3: clearing of the Chimera fleet, Chimera underground (including their direct assistants) and their technologies and installations.
Wipeout sequence 4: clearing of those members of the surface Cabal that are too dangerous to have around when the Event is triggered, namely the top black magicians.
The nonphysical Archons have been extremely nasty lately; many times in my life it was two steps forward and one step back, but in the last few days it was more like one step forward and two steps back. Being blocked and frustrated with every little thing I have been trying to accomplish and people's implants and programming playing up in major ways. I hope and expect that most of the remaining Archons can be removed if the superposition state toplet bombs are really gone.

2021-02-27: Some general technologies in use with the Galactic Confederation.

Even though I don't have much of a scientific background (certainly not in this lifetime), I am now getting information on some of the technologies that are used by our Galactic family. It's the kind of technologies that would make the average person with a limited 3D perception say "Dude, are you on dope or something?" and that would make the jaws of Earth scientists drop to the floor. But for members of the Galactic Confederation it's as common as a light switch or elevator for us.
For one thing I was wondering about the parks on board the spheres; even though they are rather large, wouldn't entropy set in if they are all restricted to the limits of their individual size? Well, they aren't limited to their 3D physical size. They are all connected through permanent wormholes on the sides; so while in 3D there may be a thick separator wall, a bird flying will see and experience a seemless continuation into another park on board the sphere or even on board another sphere. And how do people move about on the spheres? They don't walk through doors all the time, the spheres are a bit too huge for walking or taking the subway. Instead they use teleporting machines that are mind operated. Say a GC member wants to go for a walk in the park; he or she thinks about a certain place in the park of choice, activates the teleportation and finds himself or herself at the desired point. It's all based on energy, quantum connections and shielding technology. The shielding is a vital ingredient to keep the internal structural integrity of each item or body that is teleported. Same goes for time travel which is a closely related technology, it's all a question of moving in the timespace continuum, although time travel is more complicated due to wider energy shifts involved. You cannot do it without proper shielding, that would go horribly wrong as someone teleported could bump into a tree or animal or get physically enmeshed with the matter at the destination. This showed up in the infamous Philadelphia Experiment that was done in 1943. The technologies described above are just a few of the many very advanced technologies that the Galactics have access to.

2021-02-24: Life on a sphere of the Galactic Confederation.

In the past days I have been quite caught up in worldly matters, but now I have more room to connect with my soul family members again. I received more information from Isidra on her life on board one of the spheres of the Galactic Confederation. First of all she pointed out that they keep to a 24 hour daily schedule, just like people on Earth, out of necessity because of the tasks and duties they have accepted which are very closely related to what's going on down here. But the schedule is flexible in terms of how the hours are partitioned and allocated. In general most soul families that have a significant number of members who live on the surface of planet Earth are very actively involved and play a prominent role in the planetary liberation; that is no different for my soul family. Their lives as a result are not so comparable with the lives of beings who live on planets that are part of the Galactic Confederation's segment of the liberated universe.
Isidra most nights sleeps 5 to 6 hours and gets up in the early morning CET time. She drinks and has a small bite and then goes to check up on what has been occurring during her sleep. She has advanced technology that helps her do this and apart from that she uses her "paranormal" abilities. She isolates issues that need special attention, such as social unrest, political tensions, diplomatic issues, terrorism planning and attacks on lightworkers. Issues that have a strong energetic component are being forwarded to one of my two soul mates who are part of the Galactic Confederation. In previous meditations she has (re)introduced herself as Konstanze; she has very bright and alluring eyes, freckles and dark blond curly hair. She has a very warm energy about her and she is a fully trained healer and Goddess priestess. She coordinates meditations aimed at reducing tensions and conflicts on the surface and she specializes in energetic and remote healing. Konstanze and her twin soul are the only couple of twins in our soul family who are presently united and they are the anchors of our soul family as a result. Isidra didn't mention it, but intuitively I understood that Konstanze's energetic support is what enables me to bounce back from adversities and attacks swiftly. My other soulmate in the Galactic Confederation reintroduced herself as Jolie; she is actually the same woman whom I had an earlier telepathic contact with years ago. She is light blond and very attractive looking. When I sought to reestablish contact with her this time around she held back at first; I thought it had everything to do with the nasty disruption of our earlier contact when a demonic entity attacked her through me, but there is more at play. I am finding out that one of my two soul brothers who turned dark is Jolie's twin soul and that weighs on her a lot. She told me I remind her of her twin soul and she is very glad I stayed loyal to the Light; she is longing very much to see me again. Jolie is experienced in governance and diplomacy and any critical information on political and international issues is forwarded to her. She in turn has direct contact with the Ashtar Command and a representative of the Galactic Confederation on the surface. The identity and whereabouts of this representative on the surface are strictly confidential.
Isidra's morning session usually lasts until 1 or half past 1 PM, when she starts her break that lasts until 4 PM CET. During her break she gets together with our soul family members that are in the Galactic Confederation, they eat a bit, socialize, play a game, have a walk in one of the wildlife parks on the sphere or do some other leisure activity. From 4 PM until 6 to 8 PM (depending on the surface situation) is Isidra's second shift and after that she has dinner with our soul family members and members of closely related soul families. After dinner and review of the day they join in a combined meditation and do some self healing (they sense our emotions and inner turmoil, so they need to recuperate from that) and in the last part of the evening and early night they sing, dance, make love and express themselves in whichever way they feel like.

2021-02-21: Replotting the course.

I feel the need to chart a new course by letting go of those bothersome things that belong or will soon belong to the past and focusing on that which is good and positive. For that purpose I am doing some affirmations as inspired by the light forces:

I declare that I am a sovereign being of Light that is subject only to the universal laws of Source, the Galactic Codex and the golden rule. I reject all manmade laws and regulations that violate the golden rule or the Galactic Codex and declare them null and void.

In the name of I AM that I AM, in the name of the Galactic Codex,
I have the inalienable right to spiritual abundance, material abundance and financial abundance all coming to me easily and effortlessly.
So be it and so it is. So be it and so it is. So be it and so it is. In Light.

In the name of I AM that I AM, in the name of divine soul presence that I am,
In the name of all ascended masters of Light, in the name of the Galactic Confederation, in the name of the Galactic Center,
I decree and command to cancel and nullify all my past, present and future contracts and agreements made between any part of me and the dark forces.
All these contracts and agreements and all their consequences are now completely erased from my reality.
I am now free, all karma of my whole being has now also been erased. I am a free and sovereign being of Light, from now into eternity.
So be it and so it is. So be it and so it is. So be it and so it is. In Light.

2021-02-18: The silver squeeze.

Cobra has posted a long awaited update, his first update this year. It doesn't reveal all that much and what it mentions is partly contradicting things that I wrote in my January posts. That is a rather sobering observation, because I can only assume that Cobra's info is correct as he has a direct communication line with the Resistance Movement. In early December I intuitively got that the Chimera fleet was disintegrating and being cleared fully before Cobra confirmed it 4 days later. Also the info I received from my source about the completion of the clearing of the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex was correct and was confirmed 5 days later by Cobra. So why me and my source were partly off with the status of the Chimera underground and their bases I don't know; my guess is that it is harder to perceive what is the full picture underground because there is much more in the way physically and energetically. It shows again that as long as we have implants, our 12 DNA strands are not fully activated and we are in the quarantine it is unrealistic for anyone to have 100% reliable psychic perceptions. The blitzkrieg breakthrough on February 10th that Cobra mentions may relate to another large scale operation than the one I received info about on January 25th. Blitzkrieg is a German word meaning overwhelming military action aimed at gaining a lot of ground in a short time. Either way, it sounds like a lot of progress has been made since December without giving away details.

Small investors and citizens have been organizing a silver squeeze as a way to attack the big banks for their market rigging and debt slavery system which we all suffer from. When the banks are short on silver (selling paper silver to buy it back later at an artificially lowered price), they can incur some serious losses if the price goes up instead. As the big banks are our enemies rather than our friends, I wish the organizers of the silver squeeze good luck.

Cobra renews his call to do the Flower of Life meditation as often as possible. Jim has scheduled a new 144k meditation on February 21st:

The 144K February 21st Mass Meditation

2021-02-11: On the nonphysical negative entities.

Apparently some sort of hyperlink has been established between Isidra's consciousness and mine, because I only have to think about a subject and info on it comes flooding in. It's a bit overwhelming so I have to filter and organize it, but it's also exciting. I don't even have to ask my twin soul for answers and she doesn't have to talk to my consciousness much, it's a kind of autotransfer.
The main nonphysical entities that work for / make up the dark forces are the Archons, Djinns and Elementals. There are others, but these are not so much of an issue. The Archons and Djinns have all been implanted by the Chimera and they cannot remove the implants themselves, even if they want to. Only the light forces can do that for them now, but the Archons don't want to turn to the light so they are in limbo. The Archons that would be willing to turn to the light have already done so; the Archons that remain are the ones who's implants are linked to the toplet bombs, the other ones have already been removed. The Archons could be regarded as the negative counterpart of the Elohim demigods, slightly more powerful still. The Djinn are controlled by the Archons and follow their orders; it's either that or be tortured energetically through the implants. With implants removed part of them would turn to the light. Most psychic and energetic attacks as well as indirect attacks through others are coming from the Djinn; the Djinn also interfere in relationships, especially love relationships, but also friendships, family ties and coworker relationships. The Djinn could be called the dark counterpart of angels. Djinn are allergic to light, so sending light to them can effectively chase them away, at least temporarily. Djinn tend to hang around in a designated area that is the turf they have been ordered to guard by the Archons. The Elementals were working with Gaia before the arrival of the dark forces, taking care of air and sea currents, various processes in nature and the interior of the planet and the regeneration of soil. When the Chimera set up domain they had the Elementals work parttime for them in disturbing natural processes and causing erratic weather, storms, floods, avalanches and earthquakes, and some of them are still doing that today on behalf of the Archons. Elementals are not dark by design, they can be easily influenced by powerful beings to do their bidding. Hence they have no implants, it wasn't necessary to have them implanted. Even human beings that set a strong intent can get them to create weather changes, certainly groups of people; hence the tradition of the rain dances among Native Americans.

2021-02-09: The consciousness gap.

As a follow up to what I wrote yesterday I want to say that the light forces that were poking me have offered their apologies. What they sought to bring about is me releasing old pain that is still causing blocks in my ability to manifest what I desire, but the result was that I stumbled into a rage because it felt to me they were opening up old wounds without offering adequate healing. I have done the best I could in dealing with old traumas, but I want to leave it alone now until after the Event when we have direct physical contact and full healing can indeed be provided. What also happened yesterday is a renewed attack on me by lesser demons through children. Why would children attack me? First of all, I am not living in a nice neighborhood surrounded by lightworkers and spiritual people, I live in a modest area with all kinds of folks and social problems. Secondly, children nowadays don't accept to be reprimanded so if you do that a bit too harshly you are quickly branded the angry boogeyman. Thirdly I feel these children like grown ups have an intuitive hunch of what I'm about and get that I am a threat to their safe little reality bubble, even if it is based on lies. They don't want to look inside and rather project their own shortcomings and ugliness on someone like me. And me, I cannot take it anymore. There are several hundred people checking out my website daily, but hardly anyone sends me light and meditates for my protection. The same goes for Cobra, many people eagerly await his posts but very few send him light and offer him energetic protection. It costs me money to keep the site hosted, more than that it costs me time to write posts and gather background info, but what weighs the heaviest is the emotional price I pay for receiving info, putting it out (as far as the light forces allow) and then being attacked for it. This double incident of the light forces bringing up old trauma and the attack made me feel I don't even want to exist anymore, I fell into depression. There is just too much pain and it isn't worth it. That's why I have decided that from now until the Event I will only write about my soul family and general information they give me, not the sensitive stuff about the progress of the planetary liberation. People need to understand that the Matrix is designed for everyone to let each other down repeatedly, and that goes for lightworkers as much as for ordinary people. Why do you think so many people say you cannot trust anyone in this world? That is one of the main reasons why the light forces have such tremendous difficulty in liberating this planet. Let this be a wake up call. As I wrote elsewhere on my site, real leaders tell you what you want to hear and what you don't want to hear. Regarding the light forces I feel they do finally have a very good picture of the darkness on Earth and how deep it really goes, but they don't have a complete picture yet on how it has affected and shaped our consciousness, there is a big gap between their way of thinking and seeing things and ours.

Moving on to my soul family, I have established enough of a connection with my twin soul to start sharing some things she tells. Her spirit name is Isidra and she is part of the Galactic Confederation. She first introduced herself as Dora, because she felt that would be a more recognizable, earthly name for me to connect with; but I prefer to use her spirit name and she's fine with that. Her main task is what we would call information liaison officer; she gathers information on what is happening on Earth, compiles it and shares it with her team. Every so often she also proposes changes in the plans and the strategy, but that is decided on by others. She is whiteskinned, has very long middle blond hair and has a medium posture, not slender but not fat either. She has lived on Earth until 13,500 years ago, but escaped after I insisted she flee. I would stick around some longer to observe from close by what the dark forces were up to, but I had no idea it would take so long for us to reunite. If I would have known then I would have gotten out of here together with her. Isidra has left her genetic traces on Earth, specifically in the white race and the Netherlands is the country that holds the highest percentage of her genetic line. That is one reason why I have been born and am living in the Netherlands and why she has a special focus on the Netherlands as well. Isidra just like all light forces feel very sad about how lightworkers like me are being treated on Earth, they feel it is an outrage and want to intervene to correct it as soon as possible.

2021-02-08: The grandpa of all dilemmas.

The most basic dilemma that I am facing is that life without light and without truth and love that comes with it is worth less than shit, but at the same time how can we really trust the Light? Sounds familiar? This is a handicapped soul talking whose most essential soul parts have been stolen by the Black Nobility long ago and have been exposed to utter gruesome filth, who has had the worst of Chimera treatments and who has 2 soul brothers that succumbed to the dark. Take a real close look at any Cabal member and see if they are really happy; not only are they scared stiff of the people who want to drink their blood for a change, they are all pitiful empty shells without a soul connection, they betrayed and lost themselves along the way and cannot get back to where they got lost. And then you have the light forces who got beaten back, fooled and stalled for ages sitting on the sideline and observing while we earthlings got sucked deeper and deeper into the swamp and were left to rot in hell for 26,000 years. Source / God / Goddess is the end responsible, the big boss, and has been unable to prevent the primary anomaly and evil from coming into existence in the first place and has secondly been unable to come to the rescue in a timely manner. Source and all its light forces are too late, the damage has already been done and we can only hope it can somehow be undone. Maybe the whole of Creation is just one giant failure.

If this isn't bad enough, the light forces can be such know it all smart asses and this time they seriously pissed me off. My message to them is that they have no right to lecture us before all earthlings to the last one have elucidated them what agonies we all have been through and we have lectured them on how they have in fact forsaken us. My message to them is: forget the advanced simulations and other fancy technologies, you don't know squat until you've been there and done it yourself. For now I will only be speaking with my own higher self, my soul family and flesh and blood lightworkers on the ground, not with the others.

2021-02-05: Out of the box.

At times I like to pull people's leg to keep a sense of lightheartedness, but notwithstanding that I understand people have a genuine desire to know what is going on with the planetary liberation. There have been so many delays that it can drive you mad as the light forces seem to creep forward with a speed that even makes the grass look growing faster. The dark forces have dug in deep, very deep to keep their last stronghold up and running. When I cannot share info outright I am guided to put a hint here and there of what is happening and what can be expected, and it's up to you as a reader to pick up and interpret the hints. I also try to put multiple layers in some of my articles, and people who are intuitive can get these multiple meanings more easily. In the below article there is a sacred geometry triangle, can you spot it?
What I also want to point out (Cobra has reiterated it several times) is that most channelings of spiritual contactees are inaccurate, incomplete and too much in the new age love and light bubble sphere. The Chimera may be gone, but the Archons are not and they don't allow people to channel the light forces in a pure and meaningful way for any extended period of time. Years ago I did have a shortlived telepathic communication with a female commander of a small spacecraft and profound messages were forthcoming, but the contact was disrupted very aggressively by the dark forces before too long. That doesn't mean you cannot have reliable communication with beyond the veil beings, but you need to do daily meditation and energy work, have a very strong intention to pierce the veil and be critically discerning.
Recently I am doing regular soul family meditations to connect with and get a feel for the members of my soul family, especially my twin soul and soulmates. My initial findings are still fresh and need to ripen more, but it is quite interesting what I am discovering. And no, soul family does not consist of random ancestors, lovers, longtime friends, spirit guides, angels and what have you as some meditation videos will make you believe, it consists of those souls with whom you have been created jointly out of the same life essence and with the same basic spiritual blueprint and with whom you have lived during many incarnations before the amnesia and separation set in. I may devote one or more articles on my soul family in the coming weeks and months. Napaykuy!

2021-02-03: Thou shallt have patience.

There is no green light to post intel on ongoing operations and operations that are in the process of being completed by the light forces in order to avoid jinxing the operations and making the Cabal any smarter than they are. The light forces are making progress in addressing all remaining obstacles that have kept the dark forces in power, you will have to be satisfied knowing that for now; the most important ones are the superposition state toplet bombs and the primary anomaly itself. If you are really hungry for info, there is one alien renegade who has ignored the express wishes of the Galactic Council and who is sharing something. Best however is to work on dissolving your implants, as that helps the light forces deal with the issues they face.

2021-01-26: Remaining negative underground bases taken over.

Yesterday the Resistance Movement busted into all remaining negative underground bases simultaneously and took control of them. These are hundreds of bases below major cities around the globe that were operated by reptilian supersoldiers in human bodies. The reptilians have mostly been killed and their spirits get a one way ticket to the Galactic Central Sun. What the Resistance Movement finds in the bases is very bad: children, adolescents and souls in captivity that have gotten a Chimera style treatment, it's Josef Mengele on steroids. They sought to inflict as much suffering as possible on the children and the souls were trapped in capsules with no way to escape and nothing to do but witness the atrocities that were being committed while receiving elektroshocks. Many of the children that have been disappearing over the years have ended up in these bases, unfortunately. The Resistance Movement is liberating the children from the cages and the souls from the capsules they are held in and applying the most advanced healing technologies the light forces have. The children cannot be brought to the surface yet; for one thing they are not used to daylight and fresh air, and the light forces don't want to bring them into the quarantine situation, so they will only be reunited with their families sometime after the Event. The hellish suffering that was being inflicted in these bases and the Chimera controlled bases formed the energetic backbone of the Matrix and the light forces are keen on transmuting that energy to dissolve the Matrix further so that it will be somewhat easier for humanity to accept the truth without totally freaking out and lynching suspected Cabal members.
The light forces have been scanning, doublechecking and triplechecking and don't find any more Chimera spirits, so this in itself is a huge victory and truly historic milestone, it's the end of the longtime rulers of the dark empire, creators of the galactic wars and destroyers of planets and civilizations. The light forces are also applying their healing technologies on the core quantum anomaly to transmute it further.

2021-01-23: What the fuck is going on?

Like many I was seriously disappointed when nothing happened on January 20 and the whole anticipation for visible action by the light forces fizzled out. There was really action planned to be taken (arresting the whole clique of Cabal smurfs that was gathered in Washington DC for the fake Biden inauguration) but it was aborted at the last minute. Everyone in the alternative media has been grasping for straws to explain why the operation was aborted without coming up with a good answer. Yes, there was the threat of a terror attack with a dirty bomb (a nuclear radiation dispersal weapon) but that was not the main issue. The main issue is the overall situation, especially the status of the underground war. Unfortunately the Cabal still has some aces and trump cards up its sleeve.
The light forces have been very tight-lipped when it comes to hardcore information, but I have now gotten confirmation on a few things. The manifestation chambers that the Chimera were using in underground bases have all been destroyed; the light forces would have liked to preserve them as they could have been of great value for humanity but they were too much of a problem in getting rid of the Chimera. The physical Chimera have all been killed, but there is still a limited number of spirits of the Chimera wandering around in the nonphysical realms and making surprise attacks on the light forces seemingly out of nowhere. The Chimera have left behind an extremely horrific heritage of deep dark evil that is at the innermost core of the Matrix reality and have imprisoned and tortured children, souls and soul parts of light beings in gruesome ways. Everything is connected, the primary anomaly, the toplets, the implants of humanity, the collective pain and trauma, the fear and cowardice, the ignorance and unconsciousness, the imprisonment and enslavement, the powerlessness and despair, and it is a very tedious and complicated job to untangle the jumbled knot. The light forces are more sensitive than surface humans and have to stare in the face of what would make surface humans throw up, so they are having a very hard time in their own way. The good news is that the clearing of the toplets is proceeding nicely and is drawing near its completion. Also new civilizations even from outside our universe have joined the liberation forces. The dark forces have precisely zero chance of winning, the only question is when they will be defeated completely. Even many politicians are secretly awaiting the defeat of the Cabal as they are also sick of being pushed around, threatened and treated as lowly servants.
In a way all humans on Earth, in particular the freedom seekers and starseeds, are like Nelson Mandela when he was imprisoned on Robbeneiland in a tiny prison cell with no space to move around and hostile bullies of prison guards watching over him; he basically had two choices: either to be broken or to rise to the greatest version of himself that he could be. He chose the latter and the rest is history.

2021-01-19: Free America, Free the World meditations.

Jim has scheduled 144K meditations on 3 consecutive days, from January 19 to 21, to address the tension that is building in the United States around the presidential inauguration date. The links are below:

The 144K Free America - Free the World Mass Meditations - January 19th, 2PM EST
The 144K Free America - Free the World Mass Meditations - January 20th, 11AM EST
The 144K Free America - Free the World Mass Meditations - January 21st, 2PM EST

It is also advisable to use the violet flame and the buddhic column meditation on the United States.

2021-01-15: The storm is about to hit.

I thought I would limit myself to giving some hints with a favorite movie clip, but lo and behold: a very explicit piece of insider info has come out talking especially of the situation in the United States. Cobra is asking people to meditate for the United States, specifically from January 20 to 22.

The light forces have also begun to dissolve the implants of all of surface humanity since December 21 as part of the dissolution of the dark control matrix. To support and aid this process people can do dedicated meditations such as the figure 8 and this set of exercises.

2021-01-13: The elusive and the inevitable.

2021-01-11: The Insurrection Act has been activated in the United States.

Never in my life have I seen the level of mendacity, sanctimony and hypocrisy from politicians and mass media as in these days since January 6. People who consider themselves as intelligent and discerning spewing utter misguided nonsense from their beaks on TV. What little they really know and how much shit they have in their eyes that blinds them. And how much they will be humbled once the real truth comes out!
Simon Parkes talks about recent developments with much integrity and he is on top of things. He interprets the storming of the US Capitol and subsequent events. And in his yesterday's update he states that US president Donald Trump has activated the Insurrection Act to facilitate the rounding up of Cabal crooks. Meanwhile the Cabal puppets keep extending lockdowns and injecting as many slaves as they can. But not for long anymore. I cannot mention specifics about the status of the clearing of the Chimera except that the light forces are almost done with it.

2021-01-05: God is an amateur.

I have been having a heavy heart in recent days. It has started to dawn on me that a couple of members of my own soul family are on the other team, they have been compromised by the dark to the degree that they will need to have a soul reset, if they haven't had it already. It is becoming clear to me that the anger, pain and resentment that I have been feeling is not all mine, it is my spiritual connection with them that made me feel this way. The light forces of the Jupiter Command don't take the decision to have a Cabal member be sent to the Galactic Central Sun lightly, because it is the most extreme measure if no other options are left. For a soul family's joint evolution however it is a serious problem if members are missing, and obviously the development of an individual divine spark from the blank state to sufficient maturity takes ages, much much longer than the 26,000 years or so the quarantine of Earth has lasted and much longer than the millions of years the galactic wars have been raging. A large part of soul families facing this issue is those that had members incarnate in Orion for a prolonged duration, because that was the center of the dark empire and the primary anomaly. To my relief I learned that the Cosmic Central Race has created a solution for this; I imagine it to be kind of a singular spacetime bubble that offers those specific souls that were reset the opportunity to get back to the level of development they were at without the anomaly and darkness infecting and spoiling them and without the development of the other soul family members being stalled all the while, but that is my current interpretation.

I have also been having issues with Source / the Divine, because if there is anyone responsible for the fall from grace of the primary angels of the creation, the biggest pain in the ass of this universe we know now as the Chimera, it is Source itself. Maybe I'm wrong and there is no one really to blame, but Source has a lot of explaining to do to all of us.
The underground Chimera have been playing multidimensional hide and seek, for which there is plenty opportunity in the interior of the planet, but bit by bit they are being caught nonetheless.

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