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The main information of this website can be found on the pages "Introduction" to "Visions for the future". On this homepage I collect news messages from both the mainstream and alternative media that are significant for the development of this planet, try to explain their meaning in a larger context and show the hand of the dark forces and/or Light forces at work. I also share messages that come from within and that feel relevant to the phase of developments that we are in. For the meaning of certain specific terms such as Cabal, Archons, Khazarians and White Hats please read the indexed pages. A lot of the conclusions that I draw in the below news messages are based on alternative sources of information, among which Cobra's blog, Benjamin Fulford's newsletters and testimonies of insiders and whistleblowers. I invite you to investigate the ramifications of my explanations for yourself by accessing the links on the "Links" page as well as the links that I provide in the texts of the pages on this site.

2023-05-25: All remaining toplet bombs and black holes in the Earth quarantine cleared.

Shortly after the May 1 Portal of Light Activation there were some good signs of success with the arrest of 288 suspects of drug dealing on the dark web and the arrest of 132 members of the 'Ndrangheta mafia. Of course such large scale operations are planned well in advance, but the mass meditation gave the final push to help actualize their manifestation.
In the weeks leading up to and directly after the activation the light forces have destroyed all remaining toplet bombs and have evaporated all black holes that were located around the surface of planet Earth, in auric fields and inside implants of humanity on Earth. This is an achievement that has been very long in the making; as relatively swift as the strangelet bombs were cleared, so much longer has it taken to get rid of the toplet bombs. This is a major milestone as the toplet bombs were the main threat and retaliation mechanism of the dark forces. Also the clearing of the black holes will help a lot in liberating people from their fears and anxieties and bringing people back to a deeper consciousness and stronger clarity.
Now that the most forbidding roadblocks left toward the Event are gone, we have a new global situation where other aspects become of primary concern: food and energy supply security, financial stability and physical, mental and emotional health of the world population. Cobra explains that the light forces have a model to weigh the downsides of the current situation with the downsides and risks of intervention. Once the downsides of the current situation start to outweigh those of intervention the Event will be triggered. Personally I feel that the topmost priority now is the removal of the last Chimera, the nonphysical ones on the etheric plane as well as the physical ones in the DARPA pit near Washington DC.

Spiritual people often talk about raising your vibration and clearing yourself of any issue that could weigh you down. But when you read carefully how the Matrix or what is left of it (the implant network that ties into the mainframe of the Chimera) works, one can only conclude that in the current reality it is best to stay in equilibrium without major dips and highs. Just being stable is the remedy against the vibrational control of the implant network. Who hasn't experienced that very soon after reaching a major high something odd happens that brings you down again, and there doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it. That is the Matrix in effect.

2023-04-30: From small changes to big changes.

A few remarkable news items caught my eye: the White Hats in the US have uncovered that human clones that the Cabal uses have a mere lifespan of 3 years. This is apparently a side effect of the fast-tracked maturation of the clones which eventually causes issues with the nervous system of clones that even the Cabal scientists couldn't solve. Also according to information obtained from a captured cloning scientist there should be 12 cloning facilities in the United States. Only 2 have been found so far, so maybe clairvoyants and claircognisants can help and provide some useful leads to the White Hats.
Brazil's new government has granted official recognition to some 2000 square kilometers of indigenous lands to help protect the indigenous tribes and their natural environment. It's a much needed step in the right direction, but given how much damage has been done to the Amazon in the past years and decades I maintain that it needs full independence from Brazil.

As the commemoration of liberation of the Netherlands from the nazi occupation during World War II approaches, there is a series on Dutch TV about the persecution and deportation of jews during that era. A story that one jewish man told stuck with me: he was a boy at the time and lost family, friends and class mates as a result of the razzias that the nazis held. He said that the group of people who did something to resist was a very small minority, most people just watched how neighbors, fellow townspeople and community members who happened to be jewish were taken away not to be seen again and did nothing to stop it. Some even filmed it. The question is of course what they could have done. Under such circumstances the instinct of self preservation takes over and feelings of solidarity have to be pushed aside. But there was a deep sense of disillusionment in his words, even after all these years. A feeling that I recognize, because I know deep down it was exactly the same during the persecution of witches, the Cathars, the original Knights Templar and other light bearers in past centuries. People let it happen and at times even helped make it happen. In a way also the Covid lockdowns showed the same tendency though in most cases without the deadly conclusion: taking the jab to gain the privilege of participating fully in society and a paper thin sense of safety. In most Western countries 80% or more of people made that choice of fear without much regard what it meant for those who didn't want to take the vaccine.
This pattern of behaviour must be broken once and for all so that people make the important choices of life out of love instead of fear. Let us make the upcoming May 1 mass meditation a trigger for that:

Ground Crew Command Radio May 1st Portal of Light Meditation
Portal of Light Activation guided meditation playlist

2023-04-17: Portal of Light Booster Meditation and Cobra interview.

There will be a booster meditation for the main Portal of Light Activation and it will be held on Thursday April 20. Cobra also released a new interview with him, in which he gives an update on the clearing of the Lords of Karma (or Lords of Trauma as would be a more suitable name): they have been removed from the causal plane, part of them sent to the Galactic Central Sun, others fled to lower planes of existence.

In the first quarter of 2023 Stephen Hahn, Brian Deese, Jerome Adams, Richard Tillyer and Moncef Slaoui have been executed at Guantanamo Bay for treason and other crimes. Not quite the topmost level crooks of the Cabal, but still people that played important roles in the Cabal agenda. Real Raw News reports that Ukraine is now hiring more and more mercenaries and soldiers of (mis)fortune with the billions of US dollars that were wired to them by the illegitimate US government. Obviously the numbers of domestic troops are dwindling as a result of the continuous pounding by the Russian armed forces. Charlie Ward shared this video originating from Detox Show with a mix of news items and politically highly incorrect humor.

2023-04-08: Mon coeur est français.

Vivre comme Dieu en France. Quelle autre pays on a connu dans l'histoire récente dont on parlait en ces termes? Surtout le temps de Charles de Gaulle, Georges Pompidou et Valéry Giscard d'Estaing était une bonne époque pour le pays. Depuis cette période les présidences ont malheureusement détérioré et il y a trop de troubles en conséquence. Mais la France se bat pour regagner sa brille d'autrefois.

Eric Montbel & Bruno Le Tron - Calypso
Jean Ferrat - La montagne
Indila - Dernière danse
Bourvil - La tendresse
Les Rita Mitsouko - La sorcière et l'inquisiteur
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - Je t'aime... moi non plus
Frida Boccara - Cent mille chansons

2023-04-02: Portal of Light Activation and the promise of Source.

People in many countries are roaring for change, the Earth is roaring with a torrent of tornadoes hitting the USA and a record breaking cyclone that hit Southeast Africa. And things are not expected to quiet down anytime soon as the dark forces make their last stand and the Light is pouring in stronger and stronger. In order to smoothen the transition from the current fragmented and schizophrenic world into the promised golden age another major energetic statement is required and a mass meditation is scheduled on May 1:

Portal of Light Activation May 1st, 2023
Portal of Light Activation Videos

2023-03-30: The lords of karma and the gnostic realization.

In the past weeks I have had a realization that I have had before, but now it was more clear and strong than before. That is that everyone is basically lost and just doing what they think and feel is opportune. Not necessarily talking just about earthlings, maybe the same is true for every intelligent being in the universe. The thing that did it for me was the movie Wanted with Morgan Freeman, James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie that I watched. Long story short: a young man joins a fraternity of assassins whose job it is to rid the planet of corrupt and evil people. The one who is in charge designates the targets for elimination based on what a higher intelligence communicates through patterns in woven fabrics. Not until successfully carrying out several missions does the new recruit find out that the one in charge has his own agenda and has not been honest about the names of targets that come up. When confronted the leader reveals that the name of every single fraternity member has come up for elimination. How about that? What you wish for another being you wish for yourself. But in how far do general spiritual principles of interconnectedness, forgiveness and doing no harm apply to a severely twisted and disfunctional reality that even the light forces have thus far failed to remedy?
I feel that the most important principle to hold on to in this world is to take full responsibility for who you are and everything you do. Forget about missions, other people's truths, rules, expectations and obligations, take the freedom to create your own reality with respect for other people's realities. All the things that really mean anything cannot be expressed in words. That is what the gnostics realized and that is why they sought direct experience of God / the Divine. Life is about feeling, creating and realizing, through beauty, sensuality, sexuality, art, design, music and dance. In this light it is interesting that Cobra wrote an article on the Lords of Karma. I have heard about them before and it was always in a spiritual context, as if to say they are the highest spiritual authority on Earth deciding on karmic matters, life plans and reincarnation. But Cobra puts it rather differently, saying they are Chimera that have been manipulating all of our lives for many lifetimes and having us believe we have karmic debts to pay off. It's all bullshit, the religious leaders are clueless.

In the news recently were the bank failures in the US (Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank) and other banks that were in danger of collapsing, notably First Republic Bank (saved by other American banks) and Credit Suisse (saved by the Swiss National Bank and UBS). So far a major cascade of bankruptcies in the financial world has been prevented. The light forces have indicated that they wish a gradual meltdown of the Cabal's financial system and not an abrupt crash. I wonder what that will look like; an increasingly speedier succession of bank crises that will require ever bigger interventions from the guardians of the financial system, with confidence in the system progressively dwindling?
Vladimir Putin has been ordering the complete destruction of all stockpiles of Covid vaccines in Russia, and the rather final removal of everyone in the medical system who resists his orders. In the US two clones of Hillary Clinton were enddated on the same day.
A very interesting channel to follow is Journey to Truth Podcast on YouTube, although I cannot verify the accuracy of everything that is stated in their videos. What I can say is that they have very well informed guests that they interview on a wide range of topics and their info seems mostly accurate.

One of the things that best help me stay sane in this crazy world is uplifting and inspiring music. So here are some more special songs:

Linda Vida - Vou banindo
Raluca RA - Te nande
Adama Eco Village - The water blessing song

2023-02-19: Urgent meditation for peace between Russia and NATO.

There is a call for an urgent meditation for peace between Russia and NATO on February 21:

Urgent meditation for peace between Russia, Ukraine and NATO on February 21st at 3 PM UTC

I checked with my twin soul about the heavy earthquakes that hit southern Turkey and northwestern Syria on February 6 and that have taken the lives of at least 46,000 people. It was partially manmade is what I heard, the Cabal used what equipment they have left as well as black magic rituals to create additional tension in the earth's crust on top of what was already there in geological terms and in terms of unresolved energetic stresses in the area. One intent is to deter Turkey from joining the BRICS alliance and the other is to create a line of chaos and conflict that blocks the activation of the Goddess leyline that runs through Baalbek in Lebanon. For this purpose the Cabal is planning further unrest and conflict between Israel and Palestine, attacks on Lebanon and Syria.
The other thing I inquired about is whether the Chimera did new abductions of lightworkers and starseeds in the fourth quarter of last year, because sometime in that quarter I experienced a renewed timeloop just like I did back in the late 1990s and that alarmed me. What I get is yes, they tried again doing their extreme trauma based programming to get the awake ones back in line with the Matrix control system, it is one of the red lines that the Chimera crossed, but the light forces cut short their attempts. They will not accept this any longer and will step in immediately if the remaining Chimera try this.

2023-02-07: Potpourri.

Some of the news from the past weeks: Cosa Nostra boss Matteo Messina Denaro, who has managed to stay out of the hands of the Italian police for 30 years, has been arrested in Sicily, along with some accomplices of his.
The US White Hats have taken another Cabal cloning lab, this one being located in Alaska, and have kept this one intact so that they can examine the lab and the cloning technology found therein.

After two types of insects (yellow mealworm and migratory locust) were allowed on the European food market in 2021 an additional two types of insects (house cricket and polystyrene beetle larva) have now also been greenlighted for use in food products within the EU. Although in some other cultures it is rather customary to eat insects as part of the diet, it has no tradition in European food culture. This is of course a decision being driven by the sustainability agenda of the UN and the WEF but one that I find rather distasteful. Although there are certainly arguments in favor of using insects as food, I would say we should eat less animal proteins instead of more. At least from what I understand products containing insects or insect powder should mention it explicitly on the list of ingredients, so you can recognize such products if you pay attention.

For something entirely differently, I have experienced two striking examples of Mandela effects. One was a Dutch movie De scheepsjongens van Bontekoe (the cabin boys of Bontekoe) which I saw several years ago and again recently. Two scenes are different than they were before, I am sure of it. The VOC (United East Indies Company) ship on which the boys sail gets shipwrecked and the 3 boys eventually find their way to Batavia, the then capital of the Dutch East Indies. When they arrive in the port their names are asked and the skipper who also survived is asked to check them out. He knows one of the 3 boys, who wasn't even supposed to be on the ship, through his clumsiness caused the fire that led to the explosion of gunpowder that sank the ship, and he knows that is punishable by death at the time but he doesn't want the boy to be hanged. In the original version that I saw the skipper denies knowing any of the boys, when in the version I recently saw the skipper does mention their names except he makes up a different name for the boy whom he knows is responsible for the fire. The other changed scene is at the end of the trip when they return to Holland in another ship and the boys receive the payment for their work. In the original version I saw the amount paid was denominated in guldens (guilders) and schellingen (shillings) but in the "new" version it was guilders and cents they received, even though at that time cents didn't exist yet. On the more mainstream websites Mandela effects are discarded as false memories that can come about as a result of various causes, but those are inadequate explanations that don't elucidate the reason why many people remember the same "false memory".
While the above example is entertaining and tantalizing, last year I got a bit of a shocker when I met a former classmate at a school reunion from whom I remember he died in a car accident years earlier. I just didn't quite know what to say to him, but a female former classmate who was present seemed to intuitively pick up my thoughts and said "Isn't it special all of our class are still alive today?" Eat that for freaky twilight zone stuff! I will see if I can find out more of what is really causing such phenomena.
One thing is for sure: reality is multidimensional. Back in 2020 when the Covid virus was in the initial stages of the plandemic and at bioweapon strength I got infected myself and at some point I was in quite a bad shape: I had difficulty breathing. I urgently asked the light forces for immediate assistance as I absolutely didn't want to end up in a hospital at the mercy of the medical cartel. First I experienced a relief in being able to breathe more easily and comfortably, and that evening when I briefly left my house to dispose some waste and returned I saw something lying on my kitchen counter that wasn't there before: a plastic pipette. I needed a new pipette for dosing hydrogen peroxide in my drinking water to fight the virus as the one I had was not good anymore but I was in no condition to go out shopping and also I had no idea where to find such a pipette. It's something that medical facilities may have on stock but that you don't typically find in shops for private consumers. I had never seen the thing before, but there it was. I realized it had just been materialized there by the light forces.

2023-02-04: Alba mo tearmainn.

Agus a nis deagh sheann cheòl ceilteach anns a' Ghàidhlig:

Brìghde Chaimbeul - An léimras / Dannsa na Hearadh
Karen Matheson - Canan nan Gaidheal
Raonaid Walker & Skipinnish - Maraiche nan cuantan
Caitlin NicAonghais - Oran a cloiche
Runrig - Sguaban arbhair
Mischa Nic a' Phearsain - Cumha Mhic an Tòisich
Trail West - Waltz Ghàidhlig

2023-01-17: General Berger freed from his captors.

The White Hats have managed to locate general David H. Berger and liberate him from the hostage situation he was in. His captors were CIA agents that were apparently pursuing a price that had been awarded by defense secretary Lloyd Austin and they have been using quite a lot of violence on general Berger, but he is alive at least. I refer to the warning I passed on in my December 7 post, it's dead serious now. White Hat officers, lightwarriors, alternative media bloggers, basically anyone who is very critical of the people running the planetary Cabal horror show should be alert and change their routines where possible, be as unpredictable as you can.

Other noteworthy news is that China is finally releasing true numbers on their Covid deaths, anything statistical that they published on Covid infections and deaths from 2020 to 2022 was ludicrously unbelievable. The large majority of the Chinese population has not built natural resistance to the virus because they haven't been exposed to it yet. But still it's mostly the people of old age that die, they see their life cut short by half a year, one or two years maybe. It doesn't make a difference on a soul level, they are done with their life and ready to pass on. Speaking about dead, for the first time in 60 years the Chinese population has decreased, more people died in 2022 than were born. I would say there is a collective agreement in Chinese society that the country is overpopulated and a population decrease is desirable, even if it temporarily has negative side effects. How much different it is in India and Pakistan, they are going to face serious trouble in the near future if they don't curtail their population growth.

2023-01-11: Deep State attack on Guantanamo Bay repelled.

In the space of two weeks three major Cabal players have left the physical plane. On December 27 former speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi was executed at Guantanamo Bay for treason and conspiracy to commit murder, on December 31 the death of pope emeritus Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger aka pope Maledict) was made public and just yesterday cardinal George Pell died. Good riddance. The American Deep State however had hoped to prevent the execution of Nancy Pelosi by organizing an attack on Gitmo with the aim of liberating her from her prison cell. Such a stunt hasn't been seen before, not when Hillary and Bill Clinton were incarcerated there and neither when James Comey, Bill Gates, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney or Anthony Fauci were spending their last days there. The attack with helicopters and landing vessels was repelled and the majority of the attackers were killed in action. From those attackers that survived the White Hat commanders of Gitmo learned that they consisted of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) agents and military advisors. A counterattack was planned and executed with a bull's eye result. The latest news however is that general David H. Berger who planned the counterattack with his successor as head of the White Hats general Eric M. Smith has gone missing. He has not been seen or heard of since he left Camp Pendleton in California on January 6, so that is a serious setback.

Here are the reports on Nancy Pelosi's tribunal and her departure:

Nancy Pelosi Military Tribunal, Part I
Nancy Pelosi Military Tribunal, Part II
Nancy Pelosi Military Tribunal, the Conclusion
Paul and Nancy’s Christmas Goodbyes
Nancy Pelosi Hanged at GITMO

But there is more: the issue of clones of Cabal leaders has caught the attention of the White Hat commanders and they decided to follow a tip from an informant that a cloning facility was located in Missouri; they found the information to be accurate and destroyed the facility. Now the question is how many clones are around and of whom, and what other cloning labs exist; the White Hats also wondered if any of the deep staters executed by them were in fact clones. On top of that there is the issue of body doubles and latex or silicone mask wearing deceivers. I don't want to speculate on this and I don't want to rely much on information channeled from the Galactic Confederation as it is susceptible to manipulation by Archons. What is clear is that the stakes have been raised in the fight between Black Hats and White Hats and the new White Hat leader has started off 2023 with a series of arrests (Jerome Adams, Brian Deese, Michael Malanoski and an unnamed cloning scientist) in line with his promise to eviscerate the (American part of the) Deep State in 2023.

Cobra has an update on the progress of the light forces. Unfortunately the remainder of the Chimera pit underneath the DARPA facility near Washington DC has not been cleared yet (we should notice it when the pit with the quantum computer mainframe is fully cleared, because it will weaken the effects of the implants significantly). The reason is the presence of some containers of quark gluon plasma and neutron degenerate matter, extremely dense matter in which subatomic particles are not organized in a structure such as atoms are. This kind of matter has the potential to greatly mess up the energy field of living beings that come in the vicinity of it.

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