Xekleidoma Links


sireadh agus bithidh tu a lorg

Primary sources of information

Educate Yourself An excellent starting point to get up to speed on what's really going on and get informed on the basics.
The Portal Official communication outlet for the Resistance Movement. Provides updates on the most recent developments as well as deep background information on various subjects, including multidimensional aspects of reality and off planet happenings affecting the situation on Earth.
Prepare for Change Network of lightworkers and lightwarriors hub. Provides much explanation of what is occurring on Earth and puts it in the proper context.
FM144 Starseed support channel for Terra groundcrew with in depth information and updates on recent developments.
Divine Cosmos David Wilcock's website sharing a wealth of insights, wisdom and investigations into the state of affairs in the world.
Covert Geopolitics Detailing the Cabal's hand in matters and how they are opposed by freedom fighters and whistleblowers.
David Icke David Icke's website offering his valuable explanations on how we are being conditioned, manipulated and fooled.

Independent outlooks on finance and the economy

Keiser Report Max Keiser's YouTube videos with his razor sharp comments on the true state of our financial system and economies.
Zero Hedge The world analyzed from a critical financial perspective.
Occupy Wall Street The site from the Occupy movement that put institutionalized inequality and greed in the spotlight.
The Zeitgeist Movement The Zeitgeist Movement proposes a resource based economy that favors access to resources over ownership.
Global Alliance for Banking on Values A network of banks that support and stimulate responsible and sustainable development.
International Movement for Monetary Reform A worldwide alliance of organisations that promote alternatives to the debt based monetary system.

Lightworker sites and blogs

Recreating Balance Untwine's website exploring diverse subjects relevant to our lives in a universal context.
Andromeda Council Tolec's website with information about the Earth changes, the Andromeda Council and the cosmic origin of the Dakota and Lakota tribes.
Galactic Connection Alexandra Meadors' website full of spiritual views, information about healing methods, the matrix and more.
Golden Age of Gaia Steve Beckow's website with many articles and communications from the ascended masters and archangels.
We Love Mass Meditation A website that organizes multiple different global synchronized meditations to beneficially influence the energetic situation on the planet.
Ground Crew Command Radio The 144k group radio channel with deep insights and powerful guided meditations.
Sisterhood of the Rose The Sisterhood of the Rose is being revived worldwide to facilitate the return of the goddess, the divine feminine principle.

Legal action sites

International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (currently hosted on Murder by Decree) Details many cases of crimes against humanity committed by the institutions that present themselves as honorable, trustworthy and honest.
One People's Public Trust OPPT has filed legal documents that lawfully declare all Cabal institutions and corporations foreclosed.

Nature conservation and wildlife protection

International Union for Conservation of Nature The IUCN forms the world's largest environmental network of public, private and non-governmental organisations for conservation of nature.
International Fund for Animal Welfare The IFAW takes action to protect and rescue both wild and domestic animals and preserve wildlife habitats.
Greenpeace Greenpeace organizes campaigns to expose threats to nature and the environment and promote sustainable solutions.
International Anti-Poaching Foundation The IAPF dedicates itself to defending wildlife from poaching and engaging local communities in conservation efforts.
Save the Rhino An organization specialized in protecting rhinoceros populations.
Freeland Freeland commits to empower society in overcoming organized crime and corruption to restore secure, resilient communities and ecosystems.

Other sites of special interest

Biblioteca Pleyades Site in English and Spanish with a true wealth of uncensored articles about the history of Earth, extraterrestrial life and exopolitics.
Project Camelot The website of Project Camelot contains a large number of interviews with whistleblowers, insiders and independent researchers.
Exopolitics Michael Salla's website with a mix of alternative news articles and exopolitical information.
Geo-engineering Watch Site with a huge amount of background information about geo-engineering and why it's done.
Thrive Movement Foster Gamble's website behind the documentaries Thrive and Thrive II that offer solutions to the world's predicaments.
Cosmic Gaia Laura Eisenhower's website, global alchemist and intuitive astrologist.
Andrew Bartzis Andrew Bartzis' website, master healer and reader of the Akashic Records.

Congenial websites

Adoninas Alcyon Pleiades Aurora 2012 Benjamin Fulford
Bits of Freedom Bovendien Café Weltschmerz Connect2life
Conseil National de Transition Correctiv Crow Caws Daniel Estulin
Deep Disclosure Desteni Disclosure News Italia Earth Charter Initiative
Earth MattersEarthPulse Ella Ster Equity and Freedom
O Evento e a Ascensão The Event-NL Exoportail FIGU
Follow The Money Gnostic Warrior The Great Awakening Report Irma Schiffers schrijft...
Joy in Creation Keshe Foundation LaRouche PAC Lichtmakers
Light on Conspiracies 9 for News Ons Geld Pateo Wholly Science
Phoenix Voyage Privacy First The Promise Revealed Return to Your Truth
Sananda Sophia Love Sphere-Being Alliance Stillness in the Storm
Tachyonis Tiempos de Cambio Timothy Charles Holmseth Transinformation
Wakkere mensen Want to Know What on Earth is Happening Wim Hof Method